Content Marketing

Content writing covers blog posts, articles, and scripts that are typically for digital marketing purposes. It is the process of generating ideas, planning, structuring, and editing content to be posted on websites, web pages, and social media platforms. It is like a piece of paper that will be presented to the general public. 

People think that content writing is limited to articles. But to be frank, it is more than just that

Content writing is broad and covers a wide range of different content types such as: 

  • Scripts for videocasts and podcasts 
  • Email templates
  • Social media posts
  • Speeches
  • White papers
  • Websites and web pages content 
  • Landing pages 
  • Video descriptions

Content Is the Key to Your Success

To simply put, content writing is a piece of writing work that is to be published for the general public. 

Today, content writing is used in online marketing to drive engagement and increase traffic. Almost 87% of online marketers utilize this form of marketing strategy to generate leads and transform these leads as potential customers starting from establishing a brand to selling a product or services. As the famous saying goes, “Content is king.” 

But since almost all businesses are utilizing online and digital tools for branding awareness and visibility, the competition became more tightened and crowded. It is now harder to be distinct. 

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As mentioned, the digital marketing industry is getting saturated. The strong competition requires a demand for high-quality and optimized content and this puts pressure on marketers and writers. Still, there are ways on how to create better content that will make your business stand out. Check out the process on the next part. 

We offer content marketing that covers the following areas: 

  • Content writing 
  • Content auditing 
  • Web pages management 
  • Blog posts management 
  • Press release management 

Led by a group of digital marketing experts with a specialization in content marketing, there is an assurance of your business growth. Besides a good grasp of content writers’ technicalities, these marketers are always up-to-date with the latest trends and current news. 

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1. Consulting

Like every other business, regardless of the industry or field, consulting is an initial plan. What happens in a content consultancy? 

The process of content consultancy differs whether you are a startup business or have been in the industry for a long time. But the usual consultation will be studying your business’ market, analyzing competitors and their marketing strategies, knowing your target market, and content publishing trends that drive engagement statistics. 

It can also cover a complete study of your existing content for established businesses, recommendations to step up traffic, keyword research for the target market, and identifying other platforms to promote content. 

2. Research

After the consultation process comes the researching part. Since the nature of the business has been thoroughly checked, we can now proceed to research. The research part includes finding the most searched keywords relevant to the business industry, keyword tools and platforms the business can use, and a list of topics and content ideas that the writers and marketers could produce. The research objective is to know what the target market wants and what the business can do to supply them. 

2. Content Creation and Management

Here comes the exciting and complex part — creating and managing content. Content writing is not just about typing what you think; it also has a strategic process. To effectively drive up traffic and accomplish business goals, a content writer must follow a content strategy plan. You can refer to this sample plan below: 

  • Identify the content type (social media posts, blog posts, etc.)
  • Where do you plan to publish this content? (website, social media platforms, emails, etc.)
  • Who will write the content? Will it follow a structure? Will it be focusing on a keyword? What is the tone of the article?
  • Who will post and manage the content? Where will the content be published? Around what time will it be posted? 
  • Who will monitor the engagements and create a report or update? 

3. Content Promotion

A content post will be baseless if it does not reach people. It is the part wherein marketers use the content promotion to increase visibility and awareness. Content promotion is a marketing strategy done by distributing and spreading content on both paid and organic searching. Paid searching typically includes advertisements, while organic searching is free and usually focused on SEO. 

It is not enough to produce high-quality content and know-how to disseminate this to a broader audience, like taking advantage of the multi-channel approach to social media platforms, email marketing, and other outreach forms. 

4. Reporting

To know whether the objectives are achieved, a content report must be created and passed (assuming you work under a boss). But how is content performance measured? 

The primary way to know whether you did a good job writing that piece of content is based on traffic. Traffic can measure the total number of users who viewed your website or the total number of times that certain web pages were viewed or visited. Exclusive traffic tools can also determine the users’ geolocation and how they end up viewing your website. It is helpful for future content strategy as you can target potential customers better. 

5. Improvising

Content can still be improvised even if it has already been released to the general public. It is called improvisation. It is done to correct errors such as misspelled words, misused punctuation marks, or anything that is considered wrong grammar. It can also be used when the content needs to be updated. Content writing is also about fact-checking and using the most accurate information possible. The public deserves not just the beautification of the content but also the truth. 

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