SEO for Startups

As a start-up business, it is essential to take advantage of the latest marketing strategies to make your brand known. Building a presence online is an efficient and proven marketing strategy that could help develop and design a website.

One good example is, whenever a consumer looks up a product or a service online, the usual course of action would be searching these products or services, becoming the keyword in search engines like Google or Yahoo. As a startup with a newly-built website, likely, you might not be included in the top-most searches. Why? Because your content is not strategically well-written.

And to be part of high-ranking searches, you need SEO.

But SEO is not a walk in the park neither a strategy that immediately helps you — it is a building process that requires time. It is either you learn it by yourself through thousands of tutorials or hire a professional to do it for you. And if you do not have the time to do it, the wise choice would be to hire an SEO service provider.

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Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) improves a particular website or web page’s quality to increase traffic. It targets both paid and unpaid traffic. And the least cost that would be beneficial for startups is unpaid traffic through organic searching.

In finding products or services, they become the specific keyword when searching online. The search engine, for example, Google, will show a relevant list of the most accurate results for the keyword and compile all information related to the keyword using different algorithms. 

Advertisements do not influence it, so an assurance of the most relevant results are guaranteed, especially near your location. Ideally, it would be best to target the top three or five search results to increase traffic.

The SEO Industry

In this digital era of booming search engines, you will surely ask this question, will the SEO industry fade? The answer is NO. 

It is currently thriving and has remained in that status for so long. Back in 2016, companies have spent a total of $65 billion on SEO alone — the amount was three times more than their initial guess. And in 2018, Borell Associates studied how much the companies are willing to spend for SEO services.

Here are the factors that are a precursor to SEO’s continuous success:

  1. Increase in user searches

 In July 2020, 81% of users aged 16 to 64 use search engines to look up a product or service online. It is a combination of devices like laptops and mobile phones. The increase in user searches contributes to the continuous growth of SEO. These products and services typically use an SEO-powered website and content to maintain their consistent appearance on top searches.

  1. Growing search engine platforms

The current leading performer of search engines is Google, with a net market share of 70.38% on desktop use alone. Although this percentage is considered high, it is low compared to last year’s market share of 75.46%. But the growing number of search engine platforms like Bing or Baidu increases to more users opting for SEO services.

  1. Dying traditional advertisements

Nowadays, traditional advertising starts to fade. Most businesses are now keen on investing in digital marketing, including social media, email, pay-per-click (PPC), and Search engine optimization (SEO).

Get SEO For your startup business

Get Seen and Noticed

One of the main features of considering SEO for your startup businesses is to be seen and noticed. Having an online presence builds credibility over time, increases attraction, and overall boosts your marketing growth.

Save Costs and Time

By hiring marketing agencies, not only do you save time that allows you to focus on other things, but you also cut expenses and save money. Marketing agencies usually offer a packaged deal that includes all the things that your business will need, such as lead generation, website development, content creation, and others, depending on your assessment. You would not need to hire individuals for this and pay them per hour or by a fixed rate. Overall, you save labor costs.

Generate More Sales

An increase in traffic means you have the opportunity to turn the audiences into potential clients or customers. With an attractive website design, well-written content, and excellent user experience, you can transform this traffic as buyers. In conclusion, you boost your client base and generate sales.

Why Partner With Us

One of the services offered by 4 Starters Marketing is SEO for startups. It covers the following areas:

●       Keyword research

●       Competitor research

●       On-page optimization

●       Maps optimization

●       Citations building

●       Citations clean-up

●       Link building

Our team is led explicitly by the founder, CEO, and president, Daniel Navarro. Back in 2014, when he started out venturing into the SEO industry. Utilizing his work experiences and training for different digital companies, he is now employing his honed skills at 4 Starters Marketing. That led to his past clients’ businesses achieve their business goals.

The said services are mostly what startup businesses need. Keyword research involves assessing the top-searches made by your target market. We also need competitor research, which will be the bridge on formulating a plan on what and how you can stand out. While on-page and maps optimization includes the content added to your website using link building.

Are you a startup business looking for a professional and affordable SEO provider? Please book an appointment with us to assess your facial needs and wants! With 4 Starters Marketing, we will achieve your business goals.