Social Media Marketing

About 3.8 billion social media users per the report published, and the further prediction concludes that half of the world’s total population have used social media networks. With this massive number of people going online, it is a marketing opportunity that every business owner should grab. 

Market your business by utilizing social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. Engage your brand and reach out to customers using these platforms to lead your business to remarkable success. 

Social media marketing is not just about posting content and gaining followers. You need to be strategic and creative for every content type you post. This is why it is essential to have a social media marketing plan or if you lack the knowledge, hire a social media marketer instead.

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Set Your Goals High With Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing (SMM) is a form of marketing done on the internet, usually planning, creating, and publishing content on social media platforms. The objective is to increase brand awareness and marketing growth. Using curated photos, videos, polls, stories, and other content helps drive engagement, keep track of statistics, and even featuring paid advertisements. 

Social media marketing is not limited to specific platforms. Experts usually target media with a huge user count like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube, which their most features are marketing inclined. Remember, the goal is to increase every possible aspect of your brand. Presently, there are available SMM tools that businesses can use. 

Start Building Bridges To Your Audience

A thousand or more likes or followers does not mean that people are actually engaging in your content posts. The purpose is not the quantity of the likes or follows but on how active people engage in your content and share this with other platforms or people. Generating leads has always been a consistent process of capturing your target market’s attention, and to do this, here are the various hacks that you can do:

  1. Finding your style

With thousands of competitors, you need to find your style to make you different from the norm. It would be best if you made people remember your brand. Start by establishing a logo, a color palette, fonts and font sizes, and a tagline. These are just the essential parts of building a brand, but these basic things are what people remember the most. 

These visual elements also trigger a burger to purchase. For example, some studies say that colors red and yellow induce hunger — this is why people get hungry and buy food from McDonald’s since its colors attracted them. 

  1. Using multiple platforms

Do not just stay on one social media platform; explore everything! Although Facebook tops the statistics on having the most users, it does not mean that you will only utilize this network in building an online presence. Use multiple platforms that are used by many, too, like Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok. 

Besides, you can take advantage of these platforms in targeting an audience. For TikTok, your business’s target market will be the youth since they are the most active users, while for Facebook, it will be the millennials. 

  1. Establish your stance 

Aside from visual elements, the next important thing to get the interest of many is through captions and social media posts. Should your brand be funny or sarcastic? Or serious and proper? Regardless, it should cater to the type of your audience. 

Another essential thing is when brands step up to social issues. Having a political stance meaning supporting and standing by this social advocacy — and this is something personal. This will drive the audience to keep your brand more.

share your brand the right way

In 4 Starters Marketing, we will help you market your brand or business using social media channels and platforms. Our goal is for you to build a huge business’s brand awareness through several marketing strategies similar to increasing your follower count, driving engagement, or aiming for likes.

We will strengthen your credibility through public relations by reinforcing SMM services through product reviews, testimonials from clients, and other strong proof of evidence. In SMM,  we can gain data and information, generate leads and sales as it includes tools that measure statistics and growth, allows you to observe current trends, competitions, strengths and weaknesses, and more.

We will also be focusing on generating clients and transforming one-time buyers into long and repeated ones. It’s similar to building a community, which serves as another form of marketing since they advocate for the product through sharing, recommending, or word of mouth. 

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4 Starters Marketing offers social media services that will indeed transform your brand’s one follower count to a thousand or more in a short period of time! More than that, popularity is not just our focus. We aim to drive engagement, build a fun and loving community of repeated and new customers, and generate sales consistently. 

Having the expertise, knowing the field, and being fit in the current trend, we know what the people want, and we are ready to help you achieve those social media goals!

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