We bring you a group of enthusiastic, passionate, and committed individuals dedicated to providing you high quality digital marketing services in the market. Get the leverage that you need and achieve every milestone that you set for your business.

Meet our core TEAM

daniel navarro

Owner, FoundER, CEO, & PRESIdent

director of seo strategy

Daniel is a problem solver and a strategist at heart. He started his career in the SEO industry back in 2014. His training and experience as a leader in digital companies allowed him to grow and sharpen his knowledge, skills, and leadership as an effective strategist.

With his innovative and winning strategies, he has helped his clients scale up their businesses, or successfully market their practices.

His passion to make everything work makes him an excellent partner to all of his clients. It’s an attitude needed in every business in today’s competitive industry.

danica navarro


Head of client services

Danica started her Digital Marketing journey in 2015. Danica heads our Client Services team bringing with her many years of knowledge and expertise in digital marketing. Danica is particularly passionate about delivering the best possible campaign outcomes and return on investment to our clients.

Danica’s career has always involved customer service, client relations, and marketing. Danica truly enjoys making connections and applies her expertise to identify ideal plans to achieve the clients’ goals.

Bryan Noel


Director of web development
and design

Bryan has been in the software industry since 2015. He has done work in software development, front-end/back-end web, and database management. A problem solver with high attention to detail, he utilizes his experience and knowledge to bring ideas to life.

A doting father and coffee enthusiast. When he’s not coding, you’ll find him playing with his kid or geeking out on coffee.

Lulette navarro


Head of project management
and content coordinator

Decades of working with various projects and campaigns have given her insights into what role she plays in the growth of the company. Through continuous learning and good communication skills helped her leave an excellent reputation in the field and portrayed exceptional skills to meet her project objectives and deliverables.

She is a mother of two and a strong empowered woman. Besides working, she loves to go on an adventure and always look forward to a family trip.


Dann Fong

PPC Specialist

Dann loves the numbers and data side of marketing which is why he focuses on PPC. The numbers tell a story of a person and how they interact with your brand. He uses this knowledge to improve the customer’s experience and your brand’s success.

adrian forones


Adrian has been in the SEO industry since 2015 and has been focusing solely on building and managing citations. Knowing how citations play a very important role in local SEO, he focuses more importantly on details and ensures the accuracy of information across different websites. 

With his vast experience in citations, he has helped boost the rankings of numerous clients over the years. Adrian is a father of two. He truly believes that idle time is an opportunity cost. If you can’t find him at work, chances are he is trading securities or cryptocurrencies, doing accounting stuff, or just simply spending quality time with his family.

Daniella Angela Navarro

junior seo specialist

Daniella has been trained in SEO for almost six years. She started working as a part-time virtual assistant way back in 2015. Her flexibility and ability to learn fast enabled her to broaden her working experience in the industry.

Currently, Daniella is a sophomore student, a department officer, and a consistent academic achiever in one of the most respected higher education institutions in the Philippines.

stephanie Jurado

lead Generation Specialist

social media manager

Stephanie is a virtual professional with specialties in customer service, lead generation, sales, and social media management based in Cebu City, Philippines. Previously worked with Expedia, Amazon, and other American clients serving global customers.

She likes to receive and deal with challenging tasks. A trustworthy and reliable person and committed to helping other businesses to be the best that they could be.

She prides herself on being extremely professional and aim to always deliver a job well before deadline. Has a personable yet professional manner and possess excellent communication skills.

Reuben John Gonzales

account-based marketing specialist

digital marketing manager

Reuben has been working in the BPO industry for 14 years now. He worked with various banks, financial institutions, and clients. Although he graduated from BSIT, he worked in the financial, sales, and marketing fields. His specialties are Customer Service, Banking and Finance, Account Development and Management, Business Development, B2B & B2C Sales, Digital Marketing, and E-Commerce.

In February 2019, he started working as a part-time and freelance Digital Marketing Consultant for the USA and European markets. He markets Saas and Account-Based Marketing platforms that strategize marketing resources to engaging a specific set of target accounts.

He could contribute to this team’s attributes are leadership, teamwork, flexibility and dynamic, self-reliance, eagerness to learn, and integrity.

Jared Elejorde

web designer and developer

seo specialist

Jared started to design and build websites as a profession in 2012. He loves the idea of creating from scratch and the process of designing, solving one problem to another etc.

He keeps on striving to get better in providing website services by acquiring new techniques, using the latest
technology and staying in touch with the latest business trends.

When he’s not working, he’s busy producing and making post-hardcore rock music.

Administrative TEAM

willington floyd sevilla

director of finance

seo Specialist

Floyd brings in years of experience in SEO management.

He spent 6 years working in BPO, where he built his financing skills as a sales executive and account manager.

In 2018, he dive in to the field of digital marketing and got a better understanding of the industry. He was able to broaden his SEO skill set and now his years of experience in the industry becomes a great asset in leading the company’s financial productivity and success.

Meldwin Kyle Chua


Kyle started working as a part-time Virtual assistant way back in 2015. She graduated as a journalist reaching story topics and gathering related information and analysis. She was a Cabin crew in one of the local airlines, but now, she’s fully embracing the world of freelancing.

Her career started as a virtual assistant, engaging and managing social media accounts. She’s flexible and competitive enough to surpass expectations set by her clients.

She loves to travel, see and explore the beauty of nature. She’s a person who is not geared towards awards but geared towards learning.

Christine Joy Navarro

administrative assistant

Christine’s family calls her “CJ,” and her friends call her “Tine”.

She is a 20 years old Civil Engineering student in one of the most known schools in Cebu, University of Cebu- Main Campus. She was a dean’s lister in their Department, and it has always been her dream to become a Civil Engineer in the future, just like her late father.

Christine always aims to be at her best in everything she does. “Get knocked down, get back up” is what Christine believes. She hardly believes that if life knocks you down, always get back up and continue to fight.