There are about 5.6 billion Google searches that happen every day in just Google alone. To estimate, it is about 228 million per hour. Imagine if we were to combine other search engines too. When a person searches for something online, it usually directs to a website. 

These beautifully-made websites are the creations of web developers and web designers. Usually, people tend to interchange these terms but they are actually different professions.


The essentiality of websites for startups can be analyzed simply. Starting a business could be rewarding, but most of the problems that startup businesses encounter is getting their brand out in public. Spreading the word by mouth is never enough. You need to be out there — literally, you need to be everywhere. 

Suppose a potential customer is searching for a product or service online, the probability of having this customer as your client is low since you are not present online. Chances are, competitors will have them. In this digital era, a website is a must. 

Web Development


Think of web development as the BTS or behind the scenes of well-curated websites. Besides the design and appearance, web development also keeps and maintains a smooth experience upon entering and navigating the website. 

When we create your website, we make sure that we understand your target audience. Our goal is to help you build a site that could provide your customers the best web experience.

We deliver sites that are:

  • Result-Driven
  • Success-oriented
  • Speed and Performance Optimized
  • Mobile-Friendly

Take that next step towards your ideal website.

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Turn Your Dream Website into a Reality!

Our web design focuses more on the user’s experience rather than the development side. We cover all website designs on different platforms.  

Our team crafts exceptional websites that encourages growth to your business and strengthens your online presence. We deliver outstanding concept designs from layout, appearance, colors, fonts, to the images used.

Let us provide you a fast and seamless website design. We ensure you that your website will be delivered smoothly per specifications, requirements, and timeline.

Provide your visitors a unique and personalized experience that will make it easier to turn them into brand advocates.

  • Effective Design Elements
  • Enhanced User Experience
  • Increased Conversions

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Why do startups need to get a website? 

Startups are businesses that have recently entered the market. Therefore, they are still new to the field. No one knows them or what they do. With thousands of competitors, a business may find it hard to build credibility and gain potential customers’ trust. But thanks to technology, establishing a brand is a walk in the park when used the right and efficient way. 

One of the foolproof strategies is to build an online presence through the latest technologies and one of these is by having a website. Besides building an identity online, a well-curated website may attract an audience and transform it into potential customers. Overall, a website will boost a business’ client base. 

By hiring a web developer and web designer, you are assured that your website will provide the best user experience, look appealing, and drive your sales growth. 4 Starters Marketing provides web development and web design services to effectively grow your brand using innovative marketing strategies. 

Why you should consider our team? 

As a startup business, you are the new kid on the block and this means, you need to make yourself known. At 4 Starters Marketing, we do not just make your brand stand out from the crowd but also for the crowd to opt for your products and services. 

We employ supreme digital marketing strategies with our enthusiastic, passionate, and committed employees. We also have a vision for success. At 4 Starters Marketing, we will grow together. 

In helping you prosper, we apply our expertise in the field of digital marketing. Our team is composed of professional SEO providers, web developers, web designers, and content specialists. We have relevant experiences in digital marketing, leadership, customer service relations, software development, content creation, graphic designing, and financial-related matters. Our team’s work ethic has provided clients to successfully attain their business goals. 

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